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Monday, August 20, 2007

We're pleased to announce, http://www.embracephoto.net is now LIVE!!

(note, we're still in our initial release so if you experienced any difficulties, please contact us, thank you for your patience.)

Yes, we have invested in a new home, a home with embracephoto.net address. So, a warm welcome to everybody! Please bookmark our homepage . We had moved in Sunday August 19, 2007! Let me briefly show you around our new home.

* The model of our home that we chose is called vector home, which is the beautiful background you see that is tweaked from a regular vector image done by Maria Vicencio, my sweet dear friend.

*As you click on Home, it opens the door to the index page where it welcomes you with an awesome flash show by Michelle Nguyen, it contains wedding photos, album samples, and some children for your short enjoyment.

*The next room called About Us contains a photo of us on the wall with a brief biography of us.

*And please, come on to the following room called Portfolio is the ballroom, where you'll spend most of your time. It contains thumbnail images that opens a new browser to our galleries. It contains some of the work we have done in the past and will be updated every so months.

*And our next room, containing Contact Us page which contains a small flash show that I will use to put recent photo shoots. So make sure to check that often.

*Then last but not least, there's a back door called BLOG, which takes you to here our smaller home. On this blog site, please feel free to subsribe to our BLOG's RSS feed so you can stay in touch with us and our most recent work. Also, please take a second to leave a comment after each new post if there's something you want to add or suggest.

That's what we have thus far, and again, a warm welcome to everybody and thank you for your time and visit! And thanks to those who has helped me along the way, not directly on the home, but for being there and taking me through. You know who you are.

Our invitation for the next party will come more often so check your (e)mail!!!