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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wheaton HS Class of 2000

I'm very pleased to announce Lynn, from the Wheaton HS Class of '00', is officially married!

Congratulations to Lynn & Hai, after 7 years of thick and thin as they found each other and now they are officially standing side by side walking together for the next 80 years.

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Pics from the ceremony from our small canon. May I also announce that this the first time my almost-3-yr old girl made it public holding the camera and capturing pictures herself! Can you find which one she took in the following slideshow? We're very proud!

Click here for the slideshow

Some pics of friends and small ones:
Click for pics of Friends and Family on Lynn&Hai's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Lynn&Hai once again and may happiness finds its way to you and your family. We love you both!

Check out their blog

Lynn & Hai wedding continued...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Six Flags America- a day of fun being parents of 5 kids!

Alright, so we like to be adventurous. Being parents of two kids isn't such a challenging task after all. So we decided to have 3 additional kids for A DAY. It was company day at Six Flags America. TT and I weren't planning on getting on any rides ourselves, we just went for the kids to have fun. So there were 2 adults, TT and myself, our two children, and our 3 niece/nephews. Actually-It wasn't so bad after all! We love it when we see the smiles on their faces as they get on the rides and have fun. That makes us have fun too! Ok, so the food wasn't all that, however I liked the macaroni & cheese, but the line was way too long for a second round. Look at the bright side, the Hurricane Harbor was open so that was awesome. Funny thing is, when we asked a couple of blue-shirt Six Flags employees we spotted while walking "where's Hurricane Harbor", they looked at us strange and responded, "Hurricane Harbor is closed." We got confused since we were told that it will be open for this private event, so we had to keep on walking to find the harbor. So we figured that they probably wasn't informed that Hurricane Harbor indeed will be open for this company day event. Since the day started out to be kind of chilly, but by 4ish, the sun was bright and warm, so it was a good time to search and hit the beach area. We finally arrived at the harbor! Of course, here are some pictures that came from my small Canon A-80 point-n-shoot and mostly untouched.

Click here for picture slideshow from Six Flags America

A slideshow is shown below, please wait for it to load. If it doesn't come up, the link for it is this, same as the above link

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

Our hearts and prayers are with the families as we are reaching the 6th year anniversary of 9/11. This is indeed the most memorable news event in our lifetime as we would never forget this. Some things can change the way we live forever, and this is it. That is, to be stronger and more united as we put our hands together to overcome this tragedy.