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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Party for Babygirl

We celebrated bbgirl's birthday this past weekend with our family and friends. She was waiting for it the whole week long and kept on asking why it wasn't the weekend yet for the party. Of course along..came the weekend. She sure had A Whole LOT of fun, the girl didn't go to sleep until almost midnight! Thank you everyone for coming out to our place to celebrate it with our family and made it memorable for babygirl!! Also, thank you for helping with the wonderful food we had! We appreciate all of your thoughts and wishes. When we see the kids having a blast, that's the best feeling. Babygirl definitely was thrilled with her pile of new clothes and TOYS!! xoxo

Here are some photos of her getting the pinata ready the night before--all by herself (with a little of her brother's help) as I was doing some other random preparation. Taken from my Sony cybershot camera :)

Testing how heavy it was after it's filled with goodies:

I figured that since babygirl now understands the concept of dressing up for Halloween and trick-or-treating, that I decided we would do a Halloween theme party. All of the kids were dressed up and even some adults had a little bit of fun. (The photos are as is, I didn't do any color enhancements except for one). Enjoy:

How cute are these Mickey and Minnie:

My nephew...My tiger:

My nephew...My turtle:


The witch and beer keg guy:

A cute Native American:

Little Red Riding Hood:

When the cats are not home, the mice come out to play:
Cake time. My two loving munchkins:

The moment they've been waiting for--Pinata time:

More photos:
Click here for Slideshow 1
Click here for Slideshow 2

The album version:
The album version:
Trianna 4th BD

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Little bbgirl is 4 today!

When I held bbgirl this morning, her legs are dangling onto my knees. I realized she's almost my height (but boo, that's b/c I'm a shortie, I hope she doesn't carry my short genes though). Time flies. I sang happy birthday to her in the morning, and she was still sound asleep, but she knew I was singing to her, so while keeping her eyes closed, her face was grinning with a smile. And that's all it really matter to the little kiddos. They're happy, they don't care what goes on around them, they just want to be happy, and stay happy. It's a domino effect, as long as I smile at them, they'll smile back. And when they smile, I start to smile. Smiles are contagious. Oh, also having those Cinderella Princesses costumes for Halloween would make her happier!

This morning we received a call from babygirl's auntie in Vietnam wishing her a happy birthday. Then followed by wishes from Vietnam in yahoomessenger from other aunties. And of course last but not least, grandparents from Vietnam called over. She is one blessed child with beautiful families and friends.

Babygirl when she was at the tender of 3 days young:


When she completed her circle, of the "other" shot:

Growing up with her babybrother isn't all so bad =) They have their moments:

More of the unforgettable faces:

Truly my best friend. She's always there when I turn around. My little helper, even in the kitchen. I won't forget these little fingers that insists on lending me a hand:

On the day of her birthday, we went to Monocacy Crossing Restaurant to celebrate bbgirl's bd!
Dessert was on them for birthday girl. They brought out a tray of different desserts so we can choose. Birthday girl looked through scanning each one and pointed to this one (those strawberries did it!)
She was singing Happy Bday to herself!!

Aww, making a wish:

All of us:

...to be continued...

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anh & Uh's Wedding

Oct-4, 2008 Anh & Uh's Wedding Reception:

It was a pleasure capturing your laughter, your joy, and all the wonderful moments you both shared on this very special day. From viewing all the photos from the party, I found that there was not one second where Anh didn't have a laughter on her face! People will know in a bit what I mean! The wedding reception was held at Panache Restaurant in Tysons Corner. Since I wasn't there with TT, I can't really tell you much about the restaurant for the the soon-to-be brides out there that are looking for a neat location. (I might ask Anh for some feedback on the service and the food.) If you're a guest at Anh and Uh's Wedding Party, please feel free to leave a feedback on the comment section of this entry! But from the photos, it looks like it's a perfect place to accomodate up to 200 people!! Check out the bar too!

The dress

Getting Ready:

The groom, a glimpse of the Falls wedding theme (his tie):


A few ShoTs =) before reception:

Simply adorable:

Panache Restaurant in McLean. Anh's choice of the colors is of course perfect for the Autumn season. Simple and elegant.

Cupcakes! Yum!!

First Dance:

Intro of families:

The Party begins:

Yumm continues:

Party continues:
You look Gorgeous Anh! ~

Anh often made sure her parents and grandparents were comfortable..aww:

Anh having a fabulous time:

Which is why this couple couldn't help it:

Dancing the night away:

Absolutely adorable:

Here are the wedding albums from the day (click on "slideshow" for another method of viewing):
Anh+Uh Wedding - Getting Ready
Anh+Uh Wedding Reception - Guests

Anh+Uh Wedding Reception - Intro and First Dance

Anh+Uh Wedding Reception Party

Again, Embrace Photo Congratulates you - Anh and Uh and wishes you both a happily ever after!!!! Thanks for having us captured your special day!