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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year of ohhh RAT!!

Happy New Year of the RAT everyone!! Finally, we're recovered! Believe it or not, it took almost a week and a half for that recovery to happen. We're still choked up from the pollution everytime we leave the house, and that won't go away. Unbelievable how the time zone difference makes an impact. Our daily routine for the first week was being awaken by the kids around 2am, get their milk, and we would get online to check emails, and could not fall back to sleep until 4am. But then that's when the street noise would begin. Large vehicles makes such loud noise, and since our home is on a quite busy street, so around 4am, we would lay in bed and be disturbed by the vehicles driving by the house. Another thing to note is that, they exercise the horn and honking here as an alert that there's a vehicle approaching, or when crossing the intersection. That can be very annoying as a matter of fact. So, the first thing Princess Trianna asked when we were on the way home from the airport was, "What's that noise???" We responded, "eheh, that's the horn from the motor bike."

Since the kids would fall asleep at a strange hour of 5pm until 2AM! Then they both would get up and roam around the room and pry everything from the shelves and drawers to play. Since they don't have their familiar toys, they play with real stuff around the room. Since we couldn't sleep at night, we would get up as early as 7am and our day starts out with Cafe / sua da. Then our relatives would hop on their motor bike and run their grocery shopping for the day, but before doing so, they would take our breakfast order!!! How delicious is that!! Every morning, we would devour a bowl of some type of noodle soup, which includes PHO of course!

After breakfast, we would feel really sleepy *the first week*. And an important thing to note is that, it feels like it's been a long day when it's really just 9:30AM!!! I swear it's something in the air and the food, because both of us would feel really sleepy after breakfast. I would walk around the house as if I was walking on air. So ridiculous!

So you guessed it, the bed was calling our names. We would land on our bed and nap away until someone chimes for lunch time. Aahhaha, so, that's the routine, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and eat, sleep. We could not control our sleepiness at all!! Yes, call it PARADISE!

Here, people would run their errands really early in the morning, because the air is cooler, as the afternoon approaches, you could really be BAKED in the sun. Keep in mind that we're mostly using motorbike, so if not necessary, they would try to stay indoors from 11am until 4-5pm! Then nightlife would begin.

A quick flashback of what can happen in just a 24-hour timeframe (we're totally depending on our small Sony camera on this trip):

Peeka Boo, guess where we are

Awaiting my first AIR departure, super exciting! ,

After 16 hours in the air, we're in Seoul Korea. At this time, princess already started her fever after 12 hours in the air. I'd have to say it was a very very dramatic long flight for the kids, even for us!! Can you tell by the way I look? I was thinking in my mind that the next time we bring on this adventure would be when they're at least 7!! We weren't able to sleep, either the seats were not comfortable, or the kids would take turns being awake. They get very cranky when they are awake from their naps. Although we were lucky enough to have an extra seat for Tristan, because his ticket is for lap seating.

Guess what, within 24 hours, princess has arrived at Tan Son Nhat (TSN) airport travelling all the way from Washington DC!! We landed at around 10:30pm. While we're presenting our passports and visas at the service desk, princess did a self- exploration gazing down at TSN. She might look as if she still maintained her cool, balance and curiosity but we know she was feeling sick:

We arrived exactly on the day of our little babyboy turning 2!!
So upon arriving to TT's home at midnight, a birthday cake awaits:

Our adventure will be continued, stay tuned!

binh duong, VN