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Thursday, March 27, 2008

If we lived on a farm...

bWe would get our kids real horses. But for now, I guess she can ride this one. TT's horse and this horse is set on the coffee table :P

Untouched, straight from TT's camera.
Title: Babygirl on a farm

(she's just missing a cowgirl hat, I'll make sure she has that on for her future horse riding experience)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our second beach trip- to Mui Ne in Phan Thiet

I know you all are not yet bored with my Viet Nam blogs...email me if you are! In the meantime, here we go...some more of it!

So, we couldn't totally leave the little ones at home while we enjoyed the beach! We took them two days after our Nha Trang weekend getaway, and yes we survived the day/night out with them. But I think it was because we had a lot of friends with us who helped looking out for them. We learned traveling with little ones is really tough. From the air-plane to the ground scooter, and finally...to the water. But if there are families and friends that tag along, they can be such a big help!

Yes, believe it or not, we 'tong 3' meaning we had three people on the jet ski. We took turns taking each one. Bgirl was very scared, I'm sure she is dramatized from the beach by now (LONG STORY!) And we also took Bboy for a short spin, and surprisingly he wasn't too scared. The only problem was the life vest was too big for him, so he was hidden under the life vest.

This is Bboy testing out the jet ski before he lets his parents take a spin!

The following 5/6 photos are un-touched from my small Sony Cybershot:
My two monkeys playing at sunset, they would climb up the walls if they can!

Check out his sandy feet:



This is how my babygirl relaxed the following morning...on a tree!

Aww, and at the end...they still love each other:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The local people in Phan Thiet

While some people are enjoying their vacations, others are concentrating on their thing everyday for a living...

Taken in Mui Ne beach, Binh Thuan province.

Thanks to them, we had wonderful FRESH DELICIOUS seafood dishes (I'm talking super fresh, off of the 'boat' that day- no frozen section, no ice, no mess)!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St.Patty's Day everyone...

So, to get my Monday morning started...our BabyDoll:

Some memories about the barbie she's holding onto: Whenever our babygirlT has her hair tied up during the day, at night we would take it off for her before bedtime and we would tell her that it's bedtime, let's take off the ties. So, in Viet Nam, she was holding onto this barbie which had braids. At night before bedtime, I saw her being silent and occupied so I looked over to see what she was up to, she was UNBRAIDing the barbie! I questioned why did she do that, and she said, it's bedtime, barbie needs to have her braids taken off! I was laughing hysterically. That's our Babydoll.

By the way, I'm looking for a few good spots with some architectural designs to take some nice classy wedding photos, if anyone in the MD/DC/VA knows of any, please please send me some ideas!! If you visit any place that's cool, keep it in mind for me too!! I know there has got to be good spots in DC, afterall, it's DC!! Does anyone know whether the museums in DC allowed photography?? How about Baltimore?

Hope to hear some of your favorite spots!!! Thanks in advance!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The many places you can go in one morning...

What do people on vacation do: eat, travel, party and sleep. So, one day, by 8am we were out of the house. This time with a large group of friends, we headed for breakfast, to this famous place for some authentic and delicious food...Banh Beo

Untouched pictures from my small Sony cybershot...this is authentic Banh Beo

Then we were Cafe hopping.

If you're ever in Binh Duong province, you have to stop by this Cafe called Hoang Cung Quan, Palace Cafe. It's deja-vu seating in here, if you've ever seen those many Hong Kong movies. The landscape and architecture was unbelievable. Imagine sitting here with friends anytime in the day for tea or coffee and surrounded by this atmosphere. It's amazing:

The entrance:

The landscape that resembles the Eastern Palaces:

If you have ever seen and recall those Hong Kong movies, this is that kind of drink. This stuff is really hard to drink, it has the smell and taste similar to Chinese herbal medicines. Some hard core stuff!

How do you enjoy this tea, here are two ways our beloved b-i-l was caught in:

Here comes the beautiful thing......be prepared....

The signature tea, we were shocked when they brought this one, unbelievably breathtaking both the look and taste:

If you're not careful, this was how HOT the tea was:

I wanted to purchase those pretty signature tea but unfortunately the manager who said we could purchase the other day, wasn't there that day so the servers didn't know whether we can buy them or not. Guess it was an unusual thing to do so they weren't familiar with that.

So after we were done with one cafe, we headed on out to the next!!! We had lots of time on our hands...woohoo.. So, just 5 minutes away from this place, there was another Cafe called Wind and Water. In a second you'll see why...

This is the refreshing towelettes that can be found at almost all restaurants:

The Cafe is called Wind and Water because you can have your cafe and be seated on the water, using these round glass frames. We didn't try it because we had a too many people with us...
I love the many outdoors cafe available...

The crew from the States- all of us came to Viet Nam at different time. But we all hung together, recognize the faces?

Is someone checking me outzz? hah!

So yes, that was a blast!! We came home only to prepare for babyboy's birthday party.

So to be continued...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

MIA part 3c continued, Nha Trang

Asia's best kept tropical secret continued...

Ok, so we had some weather imperfections for a beach getaway. But we still managed to enjoy our time in Nha Trang, since we were lucky enough to take a short break from the little ones. Yes, we were brave parents, we had left them at home with TT's parents for 2 nights and 3 days. You can call us bad, but we bit our tongues and went for it. We could tell you all the excuses, hassles of the flight, tour with the kids is difficult, allowing the grandparents spend quality time with them before we go back to the States, robots needed time to recharge, etc..etc.. but we won't. So there you have it. We simply had left them back and took on this adventure ourselves. We'll make up for it once we get back ^.* booo.

Our first day there:
Here I am enjoying my time on the beach later in the day when the dark clouds moved off:

TT found his niche with an Australian group of friends:

While watching TT played ball, I caught someone doing the parasailing, one of the many activities available at the resort!

Nightlife, we took a stroll around the island and got this beautiful night view of the city:

I love Viet Nam's coconuts:

Our second day there:
Complimentary breakfast buffet in Lotus Restaurant, very delicioussss (TT sat the camera at a table across)

Fruits that I sure will MISS, that pink fruit, my fave - called Thanh Long

Our very first 60-min spa experience at Vinpear's Shiseido Salon & Spa, we took the room for couple's. I got the Signature and TT got the Thai massage

Enjoying our 5pm 'lunch' after our 3pm spa, with an ocean view the night before we leave:

By the way, don't get this size of a coconut, it doesn't taste good:

This is the amphitheater with 5000 seats and a moving stage where the a variety of shows, beauty pageants including Miss Vietnam 2006 take place. We were here to enjoy a 20-min entertainment show of the Musical Dancing Water Fountain and Laser show (have you seen Las Vegas's Bellagio's?)

And as we walked away from Nha Trang and said g'bye to Vinpearl:

The longest cable car across the sea in the world, we didn't try it though. The nine pillars on the sea and ground have the shape and structure like the Eiffel Tower. This takes you from the mainland to the Vinpearl Resort, which is on an island. Instead of the cable rail, we took the speed boat:

There are a lot of tours we could have taken, for example, snorkeling in clear blue water...but due to the rain showers, we just stayed and do the activities in the resort. We also enjoyed some time in the Water Park, (perfect for kids too). I wish we could have done a lot more. But all in all, it was a fantastic weekend getaway. Next time we go to Viet Nam, we would try Phu Quoc, another on-a-rise vacation spot!

Friday, March 7, 2008

MIA part 3b continued, Nha Trang City

Weekend in Nha Trang City cont.

So to make up for all of the loss and struggle for sunshine, luckily we had reserved a 5-star hotel called Vinpearl Land aka Hon Ngoc Viet. After the Cancun honeymoon disaster, no matter what we think, even with the intention of needing a place to crash for the night, a neat and beautiful hotel room is our NUMBER ONE priority this time! We decided to go for a 5-star, the #1 rated hotel in Nha Trang City. Again, remember to watch Miss Universe 2008 this year to see this beautiful city!

Overlooking from our hotel room, gorgeous view, love it (untouched from Sony cybershot):

Night view:

Our Room:

A girl always love a clean bathroom:

As we roamed the hotel, overlooking the lobby:

Gone shopping:

There was a section displaying embroidery work of art, and for sell. Very Remarkably Beautiful, TT and I wish we had some money to own one. We still remember the pieces one of which had a mother, of old aging, the embroidery draws the wrinkles and fine details of the forehead and around the mouth, and she was looking down holding a picture of her son in an army suit. It brought tears to my eyes. It was truly remarkable. You'd have to see it to believe it. It was just like a photograph!

Love it...since the weather messed up our tour plans, we decided to participate in the activities within the resort for the most part.

Nha Trang to be continued...