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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bridal Shower for Jin

Just a note: the photos from this set are straight out of the camera (SOOC) from my new G10.
Chef Jane did it once again. I arrived later so I didn't get to taste her food. But I did get a big bite at the yummylicious cupcake. I also hauled a couple home for my kiddos.
Here are the games that the girls played at the bridal shower:
1) How well does the bride know the groom? There were some tough questions!
2) Who makes the best wedding dress with toilet paper? Jackie won
3) Who melts the ice cube with the ring inside the fastest? not sure who won since we started to cheat (:
Oh, and I lost a sticker to my old pal Sammie the very second Jin gave me the description of one of the other game. Oh so disappointed @ myself. It was nice, I saw a couple of familiar faces and realized it had been some ancient time.

A sneak peak at the Bridal Party:

The winner of the dress contest:

Check out the rest of the photos here and we can't wait for your wedding day J&J !
Jin's Bridal Shower

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will You Fly With Me?

I never want to miss a special moment that happens in my daily life. In trying to keep those memories, I always have a camera with me (the only time I would forget is because I had uploaded the photos the night before). But since I always have it, each time I took it out to use, I felt so glad to have had it 24/7! I have been very disappointed with my Sony Cybershot. It has a nice look and feel, easy to carry around (that was the reason I got it), but it definitely didn't do a nice job for indoors shooting. Recently someone had asked for it, and we've decided to give it away. In replacement, TT ordered me another point-and-shoot - the Canon G10. I can shoot manual with it and it's soooo powerful!! Just the fact that it can shoot in RAW format, is an awesome feature, but I haven't tried that yet. So my new awesomeness arrived just in time for the first day of Spring. We both welcomed Spring with the following, hope you enjoy for now:

Can you see what is in the skies? How COOL is that?
Fly with Me

Will You Fly with Me?

Waiting for mommy...
Does Trident "splash" need a junior model?

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anh & Uh's Wedding Album

Lately, I gave myself another small project. I've been gathering my thoughts in trying to update the look/feel of my homepage, so I'm still working on putting all of that together. I'm learning as I go, from Dreamweaver to Illustrator, to recently some Fireworks! I have wonderful help from people surrounding me, giving me tips and tutorials, so I'm a very lucky lady and appreciate everyone of them! In the meantime, bare with me. I know my homepage needs a makeover!
With that update, a couple of months ago, I wanted to sample a new type of album that came out and I received the book some weeks ago. I do oh so love it. Here are some of its features:
1) It's coffee-table type of book
2) Lays flat when open
3) Panoramic full spread binding (no cuts in the middle!!!)
4) Prints on photographic paper (not magazine type of prints)
5) Holds up to 100 pages
6) Comes in Leather, Faux Fabric, Faux Carbon Fiber
7) Quality is GREAT!!
7) Did I mention an amazing turn-around time? means you'll have your book in no time!

I am adding it on to my collection of books and excited to make it available to my future clients. I'll have some pictures taken of the album and share in the updated website. For now, I'll share with you some pages of Anh&Uh's wedding photos that I used for that book (from this blog post). Hope you Enjoy!

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