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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Month of November

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! So here is a long post for you to read before you stuffed yourself and can hardly walk =)
In this season, I'm thankful to be able to see these beautiful colors and
couldn't help but capture them. I wanted to share with you what I saw and what I enjoyed that lasted a little more than one week:

All of the following untouched photos were taken from my Sony Cybershot =)

To recap what has happened around here. On November 4th, 2008 the BIG Election Day which made US history. I arrived to my polling place at 10am and waited for 40 minutes. I wanted to remember this day so of course I took a picture when I was waiting in line:

Laugh away, but this is ME ME ME, a proud citizen...I VOTED:

Then that weekend, we went to our brother-in-law's surprise BD in Virginia:

Our bboy was the center of attention, all the waitress adored him and gave him chair-rides around the restaurant!

The following day was my friend Thanh's BD, where once again, my bboy captured all the attention by the cake and taken into adoption by the birthday girl (jk):

Then the following weekend, we attended our niece Torie's 5th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese:
(check out the awesome shirt mama dressed him in, it's so cool-looking that she wore it for him twice w/o knowing!)

Babygirl was loving the tickets:

Our nephew redeemed the tickets:

Chuck E Cheese, where 'adult' can be a kid:

On November 19th, it was bbgirl's FIRST DENTIST APPOINTMENT!!
She was shy the whole time, but she listened and behaved well. Here's her shy 'morning' face:

The dentist, Dr. Poursaeid, a pediatric dentist of Metropolitan Dental Specialist was very nice and good with kids. I was able to bring bboy along to be there with bbgirl. Bboy seemed interested and next thing you know, the dentist said at his age, he could be seen too! So woohoo...he was such a breeze to work with and didn't give one second of a hard time. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be enjoying himself. He paid attention, opened his mouth when asked, and when given the dinosaur floss, he took it and tried to floss it himself. The dentist and I were AMAZED (I even used my camera and videoclipped it). I wouldn't miss videoclipping that, I captured to re-live those memories with my kiddos anytime I want!

To wrap up the month of November, we celebrated another girlfriend's bday! Nhan turned how old?? yayy!! Chef Jane hosted a Thanksgiving dinner/Nhan's BD party, and of course, I WAS once again STUFFED with DELICIOUS FOOD! Everything was made from scratch, even all the birthday cakes:

Chef Jane holding the dish of smoked salmon on top of cheese and cracker:

And birthday girl, Nhan:

More pictures from the party, click here
Last weekend, we also went to Adams Morgan and celebrated her birthday. I haven't been out with my girls for YEARS ok, and oh boy, it was SO GREAT to be spending time with them. Oh and it happened to be the night where I left my camera at home, for ONCE, so..until I snatched some pictures from the girls, I wouldn't have any to share. It's usually so hard to get out of the house to have some downtime, but this time, I managed to escape and spent some good time with my good friends. I cannot wait for the next hang-out! Oh and Chloe Lounge, you spinned such such great music, that kept my feet on the floor the whole night, so I'm coming there again w/o a doubt!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nathan turned 6-month

Two years ago, we captured Trang and Vu's wedding, one of TT's good friends:

Last month, their first babyboy turned 6-month and they came to our studio for their baby's photo session. I wanted to process this particular baby photo session with DUAL-TONE so check out this adorable babyboy:

First, one of the photos that featured on the banner of this blog up there, was when Nate was two month:

Here he is at 6-month:

This always makes me smile, the lines on Nate's forehead, makes me think of 'ong cu non' aka 'little old man':

One of my favorites!!!

What's in a baby photo session without some butt-cheeks!

Can't get enough of his smile, sooo cute:

One is a baby when: finger-nail scratches are everywhere...how about on his legs:

And finally, photos around this time of the year can turn into great holiday greeting cards for family and friends:

If anyone is interested in a portrait session and have the photos made into greeting cards, then Email us for the holiday portrait special soon and we'll try to squeeze it in as we don't have too many days left before the holidays!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat at Villages of Urbana 2008

Two years in a row, the weather was FABULOUS for trick or treating, thus seemed like out came even more spirits and devils than the year before.
My barbie had been waiting for the day to go trick or treat and she enjoyed herself with her bucket of pumpkin. Even more so, she was enjoying after the fact with all the goodies. Her first dentist appointment is in two weeks, we'll see how she does!
Last year, we set up our cameras and took photos of trick or treaters in our neighborhood. This year we weren't planning on doing so because we both came down with a cold. But after opening our door for a few times to pass out the candies, we were surprised to find this group of trick or treater that remembered us from last year and asked us if we were taking pictures this year! We said we weren't planning on doing so, but since they had asked, lifted our sickness, and TT told them alrity, hang on, he certainly can do that again! They waited and had their pictures taken! If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have captured the spirits of the night. And we glad we did!

So our Barbie and penguin were hanging out with their baby cousins and when they came back, Barbie didn't look happy b/c I ended up not going with her, I stayed back to pass out the candies while TT took photos. Barbie even asked how come I didn't go with her. I know!

Here she is, disguised in her rarely seen 'unhappy' Barbie costume:

And my penguin, who doesn't care for anything except for the yummy goodies:

Neighbor and friends, your kids' photos can be found here: Click here for Villages of Urbana 2008 Halloween photos

For those that might wonder why we do this, because as parents ourselves, we try to capture everything that our kids do. We thought we would be able to do this for our neighbors so everyone can enjoy saving the memories! It was nice to see everyone, and with your support, we'll try to continue providing this fun service! Please spread the words to your neighbors so we can see more faces next year!

If you're interested in a printable version of the photos, please email us embrace@embracephoto.net

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