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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was going through some pictures from 2007's New Year lecture with Thay Thich Minh Niem in MD/DC/VA and found this group picture that has one of my friend's parents whose dad passed away one year ago. These things reminds us of how fragile life really is. One day you see someone, the next day you might not. And it's a tragedy everyone has to go through. So, yesterday, during a conversation with a friend, he pictured l.i.f.e. simply as this:
"Live It Fully Everyday"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Asian Festival 2008 Virginia

In promoting a greater understanding of Asian countries and culture:

What: 5th Annual Asian Festival

When: Saturday August 9, 2008 (10 am- 9 pm) Sunday August 10, 2008 (11 am - 7 pm)

Where: Off-Site Parking Lot (Reston Association Building)
1930 Isaac Newton Square
Reston, VA 20190-5093

So come! See you there!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Universe 2008, Don't miss it!

What: Miss Universe 2008
When: Sunday July 13, 2008

9-11PM Eastern on NBC
Where: Airing live from NHA TRANG, Khanh Hoa, VIETNAM

Very exciting, and CANNOT WAIT to catch the clips of this beautiful city!!!

Catch it, don't miss it!
Set your cell phone alarm!

Cannot wait to re-live our Nha Trang memories. Flashback- Vietnam vacation at the beginning of this year. Photos from Nha Trang:

Nha Trang 1- a ride around Nha Trang
Nha Trang 2 -Vinpearl Land
Nha Trang 3 - Vinpearl Land

Updated 07/15/08 - I didn't miss this show! I watched it live. Ok, so we all heard it by now, Miss USA 2008 fell again second time in a row in the Miss Universe pageant. Yes, Miss USA 2007 fell last year. It's in YouTube and as soon as the live show was over (11pm eastern), the magazines and news got the stories printed already. We were reading it 20 mins later after we got home. It must be so hard for her. Well, just wish next year's better luck and maybe practice walking in the shoes in the gown the week before the competition.

Let's Get together with Chef Jane

Jane, is a sweet and as faithful as can be, who is there whenever we need a shoulder to lean on. Call her anytime of the day, and she is there for you.

Jane is a private chef serving MD/DC/VA. She is available to serve your parties, so call her and try out her samples. She is specialized in French culinary with a twist of her own. I had a chance to try some of dishes and let me tell you, it's amazing. Not to even mention her desserts and pastries. Holaa wow! Her website will be coming soon so behold. Here comes a sneak peek of Chef Jane and her warm and pleasant personality:

Relaxing photos of Jane:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's get together with Annie

Here are some photos of the girls when we had a studio session a couple of weeks ago.

When working in the studio, it actually requires a lot of work, both the models and photographer, working together to achieve the perfect facial expressions and body language for each shot. Everything else is under the photographer's control, the lens and lights, Studio photos capture every little details without the distractions of background, landscape and birds chirping as we know for outdoors session. The model herself/himself has to deliver the specified messages with natural perfections. One message could take many many shots to achieve. Yes, imagine the pros, it's in their nature. On the other hand, the photographer has to connect with the models as well. In addition to having the models feel comfortable in front of the lens, and the short distance to the model, he has a fraction of a moment to capture that message without their realize that they are still getting photographed.

As for you: How would you deliver expressions such as 'frown', 'mysterious', 'lovable', 'alluring', 'happy', just to name a few..? Each model delivers differently and that's what makes it interesting! And that's what makes us love our jobs.

When the rest of the girls arrived, we took a few of these:

Having some fun times:

In addition to playing with 4th of July theme, from the last post, we also put on some sexy masks:

Then after the group shots, we went to individual portraits:

I will keep each girl on individual blog posts, so first, Annie.
Annie is adorable. Her smile is amazing which made our jobs easier to capture that natural smile. She's known to her friends as having a bubbly personality and I totally could see that during the session.

I always tell my models, the first 15 minutes are just Warm-Up sessions. But Annie was a NATURAL, here are the warm-up shots, even before the group shots were done!

Since Annie just graduated and received her MASTERS, yay Annie, congratulations again! I had told her to bring her graduation gown and capture a few for memories:

Did I say she's a natural, I'll say it again, what a natural, GORGEOUS, one of my faves:

Things getting warmer:




Really cooking up, wowzieee, stunning!


I think those just call for many more sessions in the future! Annie, it was nice hanging out in the studio and munching on the party tray you brought over, thank you, that really helped! You did an awesome job ~!! LoveLove

P.S. TT- Fantastic JOB!

Stay tuned for photos of Sammie and Jane!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Prayers to the Tran family

We're deeply saddened to have received the news of 6-yr-old Scott Tran, a son of a family friend, passed away on July 3rd. It was just last month that our kids played with his three children and to receive this news is heart-broken. Our prayers and thoughts are going to the Tran family as they overcome this tremendously difficult time. Please send your prayers daily to families all over the world who has to overcome the loss of a family member.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 233rd Birthday America

A couple of weeks ago, me and the girls got together for a fun studio session. We really had a blast, and the pictures couldn't be more irresistible!!! A few of the girls couldn't make it at the last minute, we sure missed them let's see what the future holds.

First though, here are some to celebrate the 4th of July 2008:
hope everyone has a safe and sound holiday weekend!!!

Save the best for last:
The 2008 embracephoto's version of .............see for yourself:

WOOHOOO!!! Totally irresistible, I told ya!!! You're soooo cute!!!
Whose idea? TT's of course!!!

Stick around for more to come!!! So excited~!!