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Friday, November 30, 2007

Spark things up a little

Some of you might know I have picked up a new addiction. Guess what that is? A hint for you, some of the tools I will need are some brushes, paints, a spectrum of different pigment colors. No, not a painter, but very much in that same family. So, I will use this blog not just for photography but will add even more colors with makeup artistry and beauty related information that I have gathered and want to pass along to all. As I'm taking my first steps into this, if anyone has any information, please feel free to contribute! We could really use them so we can become better-informed buyers = better-informed decisions.

I'm super duper excited. So let's get started with my mini findings! As the holiday season is approaching, a question was raised by me actually, this morning. This post is for Jin-Jin, thanks for answering my question and inspired me to do this research!!

Q: Where should you apply fragrance? Most of us wear fragrance at one time or another yet surprisingly, most of us do not know this. This is a shorten list of what I have researched! I want to keep it as simple as possible.

A: Pulse points became a repeated phrase: for example, behind the ears, insides of wrists, crook of the arm, knees, and base of the throat.
Why? This is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps.

TIP And here is another one for you: First put a tiny drop of baby oil and rub it well, THEN apply the fragrance. As the baby oil helps bond the scent to your skin and makes it lasts longer. This is definitely something I'll remember!

Until the next time, hope you all have fun out there!! Maybe put a little sticky note to your fragrance holiday present so your loved ones can smell good all day long!

You can read more First resource and Second resource


Lynn said...

Good to know G. Thanks for the tip..I didn't know oil makes it last longer!

Anonymous said...

can you make my face look skinnier with your makeup artistry? ;)

these are great tips. i have another one to add...my friend used to work at the nordstrom fragrance counter, and she said that you should never rub your wrists together after you apply b/c that crushes the fragrance.

Embrace Photo said...

This is actually where photography and makeup coincide! As photographers, I'm sure we'll get questions like that as well. (Can you shoot at an angle where my face won't look too big). Maria, this will be one of my next topics, so hold on tight.

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