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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ao dai fashion show

Happy April's Fool everyone!!!
Nah, but I wasn't tripping when I said Calvin Hiep...
So...IT IS Calvin Hiep folks:::::

Calvin Hiep, the infamous designer especially known worldwide for his ao dai collection, was invited to our metro area!!! I truly really love all of his collection that he had done for Paris By Night for the Vietnamese language Entertainment which is distributed throughout North America, Europe and Autralia.

There's also something special that night, I was behind the camera shooting too!! Yes, I had decided to be a part of the fun by capturing these beautiful models. I'm going to share "some" of what I have. The following photos you can say straight from my camera, minor post-processing, so here you have it. (I didn't do any touchups on the models' faces either, with the beautiful makeup, I thought they looked flawless, unless you want to justify it differently). I wanted you to see these right away!! I still have to put together TT's capture, which I won't go through the post-processing either. So be around for the next post which will have more up-close-n-personal photos of the models. I'm sure this will be a ride...Until then, I hope you all enjoy:

Tanya, The AWESOME (can't emphasize that enough) hairstylist that has years years of experience. I'm sure you'll hear this name more and more often especially for this kind of events:

Nha Yen, the makeup artist

Strike a pose:

This model was peeking out the window to see the happenings outside, I gotcha:

A few on stage for your enjoying pleasure:
This is my personal FAVORITE!!

The 2nd part of the show: I captured this backstage as one of the models practices her stage act

The 3rd part of the show, HOT HOT:

Here is Calvin sending his thanks to the audience:

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more...
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P.S. A note from me to those that are curious! If you are reaching this page, obviously you had searched the web for Calvin Hiep's collection. And if you had search for it, then I knew that you are hoping to find something about his collection. I'm proud to post these to spread the words about successful Vietnamese designers that made it in the US and that we had the privilege to have captured one of his shows. So if this isn't what you are looking for, then please feel free to leave my blog. This is definitely not the blog you should be in. These pictures are for those who are searching for CH's for inspiration! I welcome you! Please feel free to leave a comment! I love you, those that are supporting the spread of successes, both the art of fashion and the art of photography!
His dream is to have his designs be incorporated into an outfit that would be worn by Hollywood superstars, to such events as the Oscars. I have all the CONFIDENCE that his dream will come true after watching Dvd Paris By Night 84 In Atlanta Âm Nhạc Và Thời Trang!! I truly admire his work! You can't imagine how many times I've watched that video over and over. So Calvin, I wish you lots of success!!

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