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Friday, August 1, 2008


Two days ago, Cheesecake Factory was offering every slice of its cheesecake for $1.50/slice in celebration of 30 years of serving the best cheesecake around!!! It's for dine-in orders only and one per person. Well, guess what, I WENT w/a colleague just for the experience of how crazy that day would be!!! And it was ridiculously insanely crowded!! When we walked in and asked for a table for 2, they said it would be a 20-40 minutes wait. Well, ok, so we walked out and I thought why not sit at the bar, so we walked back in to see if seatings at the bar was available. How clever was that!! Luckily, there were a few potential seats open which took us 10 minutes to finally get situated. Took us another 10 minutes IN ORDER to place our 2 orders of cheesecake and a dish of fries. We thought going off-peak hours would help, but we were wrong. Yep, we're there for cheesecake only! The server warned us that it will take at least 20 minutes for the cheesecake to be ready. WOOOORRRZZZZ!!! We weren't in a rush, we just nodded at him, acknowledged that we can tell how busy and behind they are in serving just cheesecake. Since we were sitting near the bar and next to the soda refill machine, we overheard how crazy the day had been.

One story was: a meal and cheesecake order was placed, people finished their meals and yet took another 15 minutes for the cheesecake to come out!

We asked how had tipping been for them since regular price cheesecake would cost $8, but now only $1.50. Well, they said, some would tip on the regular price but some would tip on the $1.50 price. So, imagine getting .30cents for each slice of cheesecake. Aww, we felt bad for them.

After some time had passed, our orders of yummy looking goodies arrived. I blindly ordered a Dulce De Leche Caramel and my colleague ordered Lemon Raspberry Cream. It was amazingly delicious!!! I have never ordered dessert there since I never had room for one. So this was my first Cheesecake Factory dine-in cheesecake. W.o.w. Smooth, creamy, rich and subtle in caramel taste!!! Maybe I'll take TT there just for dessert so we'll have plenty of room for it!

Seems like Black Friday all over.
An experience not to miss, but would not repeat =) I think I would pass the next time there is this kind of deal!
Our bill came out to be under $7 and we left $5 behind =)

Of course I had to take a pic of my slice of cheesecake - from my camera phone though. Oh how yummy it was:


Anonymous said...

*oink oink. haha..j/k, i'm so jealous you got to go! looks delish.

oh - and i love the new slideshows you have in the sidebar. lovely, my dear.

Embrace Photo said...

maria we missed you at the factory. Too bad only one slice per person.
Thanks =)

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