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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jin + Jack Engagement session

A few weeks back, Jin emailed and said she needs some save-the-date materials and photos for their wedding website...and well...'asap'! Because how awesome is this, they've decided to "ditch the city and get married on a beautiful beach in Mexico!"
Due to their wedding being a destination wedding, arrangements had to be made extra early for their friends and family, so we worked together on getting their favorites photos post-processed and onto their wedding site within a week after the session. More of their favorites were done the second week and on their plates now, so we hope everything is on schedule for you guys! Woohoo!

I asked what she wanted, and she said something like the windy small roads. It doesn't have to be too far to have that for her... how about right around the corner?

Here are some of our favorites combined with their favorites that will make the palm trees in mexico dance =)

Let's get to it! We started with a studio session, lasts almost an hour and here are only a fewwww of what we loved:

First up, what started it all...the bling accepted on 01/01/2008:

They're a beautiful couple:

This is really them and they're so in love- Love this!

We asked her what was the cause of attraction, and she responded, "HE CAN RAP"
How about this, a combo of rap and romance...I said, he should definitely rap for your first dance. (Considering?? =) This is really how he is, a fun guy! So very cute:

Lights off, let's get exotic. I'll share with you the same pose that's used in-studio and outdoors and how they're different in mood!

First one, in-studio...where romance can spice up:

Second one, outdoors...where the fun begins:

Isn't it Gorgeous! (a proud A's captures!)

Love hands-holding and walking...a sign of carefree and life-loving:
Good choice of color for this session!

The following: cameras, photographers, who cares:

Casually them:

There's more................

Jin's favorite:

Jin, awww:

The sun was setting, and we played with some shadows, very cool...
From this:

To this:

" 'Cause I'm not, leaving you behind"

'Til the end of the road, we stick together:

Congratulations again Jin & Jack!!! We hope you found your first 'professional' photo session super pleasant! There's always a first time =) for everything. You make a beautiful couple!! Thank you for being such good sports!!


Anonymous said...

ok, i'm drooling on the keyboard. these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! gorgeous couple, perfect light, and amazing photographers :) great job, guys!

Embrace Photo said...

Thanks Maria! =)

Anonymous said...

Awww..they are such a cute couple! I didn't know they decided to have a destination wedding....I hope I receive a save the date card..hahaha...I want to attend a destination wedding!


Embrace Photo said...

@Lynn: lol. Me too =)

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