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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Little bbgirl is 4 today!

When I held bbgirl this morning, her legs are dangling onto my knees. I realized she's almost my height (but boo, that's b/c I'm a shortie, I hope she doesn't carry my short genes though). Time flies. I sang happy birthday to her in the morning, and she was still sound asleep, but she knew I was singing to her, so while keeping her eyes closed, her face was grinning with a smile. And that's all it really matter to the little kiddos. They're happy, they don't care what goes on around them, they just want to be happy, and stay happy. It's a domino effect, as long as I smile at them, they'll smile back. And when they smile, I start to smile. Smiles are contagious. Oh, also having those Cinderella Princesses costumes for Halloween would make her happier!

This morning we received a call from babygirl's auntie in Vietnam wishing her a happy birthday. Then followed by wishes from Vietnam in yahoomessenger from other aunties. And of course last but not least, grandparents from Vietnam called over. She is one blessed child with beautiful families and friends.

Babygirl when she was at the tender of 3 days young:


When she completed her circle, of the "other" shot:

Growing up with her babybrother isn't all so bad =) They have their moments:

More of the unforgettable faces:

Truly my best friend. She's always there when I turn around. My little helper, even in the kitchen. I won't forget these little fingers that insists on lending me a hand:

On the day of her birthday, we went to Monocacy Crossing Restaurant to celebrate bbgirl's bd!
Dessert was on them for birthday girl. They brought out a tray of different desserts so we can choose. Birthday girl looked through scanning each one and pointed to this one (those strawberries did it!)
She was singing Happy Bday to herself!!

Aww, making a wish:

All of us:

...to be continued...

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Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Trianna! See you Saturday.

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