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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun aka Cancun Palace

Such a long Time has passed and here we are!  With all the hustle and bustle of the daily life, let me just take you for a breath of fresh air...right to the gorgeous Cancun. This was our second time staying at Cancun Palace, which is now re-flagged as the new Hard Rock Hotel. So, aside from us arriving in the midst of the resort's transitional period, all I'd say is I hope they'll do better in the coming years. We loved our first time there last year that's why we came back so I hope the experience we had was only temporarily. Let me quickly say...what I'm referring to here is the lousy computer system that made us wait for almost 3 hours for check-in and get settled in a room. This didn't happen last year - which was when we arrived way early, before check-in time, and they almost instantaneously had a room available for us. Nonetheless, we didn't let a few bad things here and there ruin our time. There was plenty of family bonding time and this year was even better, we had 3 families that joined us, with a total of 4 rooms and 6 kids. Without a bit of exaggeration, the kids had the time of their lives, the excitement was surreal and we would do it all over again! One already is asking when are we coming back?? I'll be sharing photos in phases...after all, 7 days were the longest we've ever stayed in the Caribbean. Here is one couple that we took with us. The photos were taken at various points during our stay and since this was Long & Kelly's first time in Cancun, I hope the photos bring back wonderful memories!
An incredibly breathtaking view from the 3rd floor terrace overlooking the pool and the Caribbean Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun 2012 Hard Rock Hotel
Isla Mujeres Ferry Boat Cancun 2012 Isla Mujeres
Believe it, there are a lot more to come. Stay tuned...

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