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Monday, December 17, 2007

How small can the world be??

Ok, so I know all of you have stumbled into people you have once known in your life. But what are the chances of that happening. Pretty rare. So here is the scoop:

On Saturday, we attended TT's Holiday Party at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. The event is held here I would imagine every year, for the Crystal City team. He's been with the company for seven years, but this was only our second time attending the event. Last year, I felt a lot of vibe entering the cocktail hours, and followed by the entrance of the ballroom with a live-band. But this year, I had all intentions of arriving on time for the cocktail hours, but with the kids' arrangements and all, we arrived at the last few minutes of cocktail and entered right into the ballroom. As we were looking for his team and colleagues, and almost made the decision to sit there, but there wasn't enough seats, and right then, we met another of his colleagues who was sitting at the next table, and there were 2 seats left so we decided to join them. As soon as I rested my purse and looked around at my table, you would not imagine who I saw. I had to blink my eyes a few times, and screamed out "BURROWS". But the room was still very noisy and she didn't hear me, so I got over to her seat, and tapped her on her shoulder, she turned around and we were both soo shock. For like 1 minute we were just staring and smiling at each other, speechless. Then we both started rambling on playing catch up! She was my very sweet High School friend and we haven't seen each other for yearsss. What a coincidence to have found each other in this large crowd, but yet, we were so close as to be sitting in the same table for dinner!!?? How small can the world be?? I have heard from friends that she is doing her studies out-of-state, so definitely she's not the person I would expect to run into. But she was in town that weekend only to attend the holiday party with her boyfriend. So now, we're both up to date with each other. She has 3 more years to finish her Ph.D at HARVARD!! We are soooo proud of her!!! Congratulations!!! We all knew she had great potential and would excel. Go BURROWS!!! We definitely have to stay in touch!!

Yes, TT and I did the boogie to the 'electric slide' and all that!
As I was testing out the point-n-shoot Sony I had borrowed from my younger brother, since our princess had broke our small canon (which actually was cured a day later, by our wonderful TT. It had gone through some trauma but it's still so faithful and now still works like a charm!! Unbelievable how many times we dropped it and thought we had to lay it to rest. Canon A80!!)

I love this dress. It didn't come out exactly like how I had pictured it, but in the end, with the help of Christina, my go-to personal stylist, we had pulled together this customized look. Couldn't ask for a better fashion (: Red sash bow and red rose, totally a holiday look, at least to me (:

By the way, the makeup I had on, if you're at all interested, I'll share it with you on the next post (:


Anonymous said...

What are the odds g! Anna still looks the same. Looks like you guys had a great time and the food looks so delicious..espicially that steak...your making me want it now!!! Cute portrait pics g.


Embrace Photo said...

Hey girl, Anna still does look the same. The same sweetness too. The appetizer, I usually wouldn't try anything new, but I did b/c it looked so good. ...and it was tasty..I love it. Dessert was good too. Thanks g.

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