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Thursday, December 20, 2007

My NYX collection

I heard good things on the NYX ultra mania loose powder and other great reviews on some other colors of the single and trio. As much as I love cosmetic, my wallet is crying out loud, so this is all the collection I have thus far. At the time of order, they didn't have all of the loose powder in stock, so, I'm short on 4 of their whole collection. But anyhow, thanks to Enkore for the tips on how to depot my trio, I took his advice with a little spin. I got lucked out that I only have 4 of the trios, so guest-imate that they will fit into my MAC palette even if I don't take each metal pan out individually. So, I followed Enkore's method by prying out the black plastic pan, by wiggling it and bending the corner and side. Yes, I sort of observed the sides, and wiggle to loosen it up..then I sort of saw a small opening, from then I inserted my tool, and pried it out. I was afraid to cut the black pan, so after the whole plastic insert is taken out, I used double sided tape and taped the whole trio black plastic pan onto my MAC palette. (Oh, of course, you'll have to follow Enkore's method of converting the MAC 15 and snapped it out.) So instead of taking advantage of all of the 15 available spots, I put all 4 of my trios and have the perfect 12. I'm very happy with the result for now. For those that don't mind using your MAC palette for just 12 NYX eyeshadows, then this is really a quick method. But if you want all 15, then you can do enkore's or glitzy's method (: If you feel the double tape isn't secure enough, then use more double tapes, or...you can use your imaginary from here to try out whatever you'd like (maybe krazy glue - after all, enkore's genius alcohol method can loosen the glue if you ever want to take the black plastic pan out from the MAC palette). I just want to share my experience with you all. Feel free to let me know how you think.

Of course here is my NYX collection and the before / after the NYX trio depotting (don't mind the crazy original NYX's label I taped onto MAC, that's just for temporary before I use the other labeling method :)

I really want to share this with you all. I can't really do anything without my princess's help. She saw me taking pictures of my makeup, and this is what she came up with:

She took a picture of her own kiddie collection!!!
Too cute (:

By the way, NYX's loose powder are not bad at all, pretty good as a matter of fact, but do use it with a mixing medium. Their jumbo eye pencil leave crease on my lids, but I will definitely give them another chance. I have only used one of their trio thus far, and the rust is indeed very nice! I used that for the holiday party look I posted earlier. The gloss- I ordered only one- the Earth, and 3 words- simply too pretty!!

Happy Holidays everyone, may this season bring you much peace for your heart and much laughter for your soul.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, you're going to need a whole room in your house just to store all of your makeup! :)

Embrace Photo said...

maria I wish I had that much !!! (:

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