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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Urban Decay, our lovable primer..but a little disappointing!

This is FRESH OFF THE PRESS!! Ok, makeup lovers out there, I'm sure some of you have stumbled onto Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). If you're about to throw it out and go buy another one because you think you have finished up your old one. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!! HANG onto your seats!!!

The news is out there now! Click here to check out how you can get more for what you had paid for!! Thanks for passing to us this great info!!! Or Bella Sugar.

So basically, you need to CHOP/Cut/Knife that genie in the bottle open, and scoop scoop scoop on the sides and you'll be surprised of how much more stuff is still left in there, Am I hearing the stuff you scoop out will fit in a 5 grams jar??!

I personally feel cheated! (But welcome to the real world!) Now, pass it on to all of your sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues. A penny saved is a penny earned!!


Anonymous said...

Hey g...I have no idea what that is!!! What do you use it for?


Embrace Photo said...

Hey girlie, Urban Decay Primer Potion is I would say very widely known to a lot of makeup artists. It is used as a base, before applying the eyeshadow. It raves to help the eyeshadow lasts longer, brings the vibrant color out of the eyeshadow and supposedly no creasing. From my experience thus far, it depends on the eyeshadow that you're applying. I used NYX jumbo eyeshadow stick, and even with the UDPP, it still leaves the crease. But as for other purposes, it has been proven well to give it a shot. Smile (:

Anonymous said...

Wow..pretty cool...I would have never guess..lol. Thanks for explaining!


maria said...

thanks for the tip, anna! they really need to change the design of that bottle. so many makeup posts, but nothing about beads! what's up with that?! ;)

Embrace Photo said...

Hey maria, I hear ya. I know right! Beads will be up, but nothing in the queue yet! I will push TT for this!

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