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Thursday, March 6, 2008

MIA part 3a, our second honeymoon in Nha Trang

Ok friends. For those that know me well, know that we had horrible luck on our honeymoon to Cancun. Well, well, well, that horrible luck didn't end there! On our last week there in Viet Nam, we decided to try our luck once more and go to Nha Trang Bay with just the two of us for its beautiful beach. Nha Trang Bay has been recognized as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the word since 2003. With its mild temperature, clean sand and clear sea water, it's a popular tourist attraction. And guess what, this is where Miss Universe 2008 will take place. Be sure to watch out for it! Diamond Bay Resort, known as Vinpearl Land is exactly the location for it!!! (spinning, dancing)...wooohoooo...

Anyways, back to my luck. HAHA, you guessed it, as we get off of the plane to get to the airport shuttle, it was raining cats and dogs! Self-acknowledging our luck, all we did was look at each other and smiled! No complaints. During the 40 minutes ride on the taxi to the hotel, we had asked the taxi driver why the rain and he responded...it just started raining TODAY! And it's actually VERY RARE to get rain this time of the year in this beautiful city. TT and I looked at each other and simply smiled with an almost laughing tears.

When we were making airplane and hotel reservations for the weekend in Nha Trang, we absolutely did not think that we needed to check the forecast, that's how confident we were! I tried to ask the driver how the forecast was for the next few days and he said, the rain will stick around! I then whispered to TT that I bet the day we leave, the skies will clear up and the sun will smile shining brightly on this city. Indeed that was JUST WHAT HAPPENED.

Our schedule:
We arrived Sat early morning, as early as 7am, and suffered the rain until later in the afternoon. Checked in at 2pm, so from 7am to 2pm, ideally we could have done a tour of the city. Well, we didn't know what to do and didn't want to waste that huge amount of time, so we did that anyways! Under the rain! We asked the driver to take us to have breakfast, then toured the two famous landmarks of Nha Trang: the Po Nagar Cham Towers and Long Son Pagoda.
Very sad as a matter of fact!

To share with you how we spent our morning before we checked in the hotel. These are untouched photos from our small P-N-S Sony camera!
Visiting the Long Son Pagoda, also known as the White Buddha Pagoda, the city's oldest pagoda established in 1889. Needless to say, even with the rain, TT and I walked the 152 stone steps to reach this statue.

We borrowed the umbrella from the two girls who walked both of us up to visit the White Buddha.

As the rain hit harder, we each needed to get a poncho in order to visit the Cham Towers aka Thap Ba! So we purchased from the stand right before the entrance for 40cents each! lol. The Cham Towers date back to the 7th/ 8th century when there were eight of these magnificent structures sitting on the granite hilltop overlooking the beautiful landscapes of the coastal region of Nha Trang. After being destroyed during various wars, the towers were rebuilt in the 12th century.

I know you all like the goofy look in this right? Yes, go ahead and laugh on our misery (weep..weep).

SOMEONE was testing our love, patience and endurance. That's part of life.

Sunday- TT and I had the romantic intentions of getting up early and take a stroll on beach to catch some sunrise photos, but when TT opened the curtain on Sunday early morning, all he did was went back to sleep! The gray skies darkened, the clouds gathered, no signs of sunshine.

Monday, we have to checkout by noon and flight at 4pm, yet the skies was lit with sun rays! Yes, how very sad, (cries, cries)...

Nha Trang city, to be continued...


Anonymous said...

cuties! you look about 12 years old in that 2nd pic :D (that's a good thing!)

Anonymous said...

i want that umbrella.

Embrace Photo said...

maria You are welcome to take that umbrella :D

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