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Saturday, March 8, 2008

MIA part 3c continued, Nha Trang

Asia's best kept tropical secret continued...

Ok, so we had some weather imperfections for a beach getaway. But we still managed to enjoy our time in Nha Trang, since we were lucky enough to take a short break from the little ones. Yes, we were brave parents, we had left them at home with TT's parents for 2 nights and 3 days. You can call us bad, but we bit our tongues and went for it. We could tell you all the excuses, hassles of the flight, tour with the kids is difficult, allowing the grandparents spend quality time with them before we go back to the States, robots needed time to recharge, etc..etc.. but we won't. So there you have it. We simply had left them back and took on this adventure ourselves. We'll make up for it once we get back ^.* booo.

Our first day there:
Here I am enjoying my time on the beach later in the day when the dark clouds moved off:

TT found his niche with an Australian group of friends:

While watching TT played ball, I caught someone doing the parasailing, one of the many activities available at the resort!

Nightlife, we took a stroll around the island and got this beautiful night view of the city:

I love Viet Nam's coconuts:

Our second day there:
Complimentary breakfast buffet in Lotus Restaurant, very delicioussss (TT sat the camera at a table across)

Fruits that I sure will MISS, that pink fruit, my fave - called Thanh Long

Our very first 60-min spa experience at Vinpear's Shiseido Salon & Spa, we took the room for couple's. I got the Signature and TT got the Thai massage

Enjoying our 5pm 'lunch' after our 3pm spa, with an ocean view the night before we leave:

By the way, don't get this size of a coconut, it doesn't taste good:

This is the amphitheater with 5000 seats and a moving stage where the a variety of shows, beauty pageants including Miss Vietnam 2006 take place. We were here to enjoy a 20-min entertainment show of the Musical Dancing Water Fountain and Laser show (have you seen Las Vegas's Bellagio's?)

And as we walked away from Nha Trang and said g'bye to Vinpearl:

The longest cable car across the sea in the world, we didn't try it though. The nine pillars on the sea and ground have the shape and structure like the Eiffel Tower. This takes you from the mainland to the Vinpearl Resort, which is on an island. Instead of the cable rail, we took the speed boat:

There are a lot of tours we could have taken, for example, snorkeling in clear blue water...but due to the rain showers, we just stayed and do the activities in the resort. We also enjoyed some time in the Water Park, (perfect for kids too). I wish we could have done a lot more. But all in all, it was a fantastic weekend getaway. Next time we go to Viet Nam, we would try Phu Quoc, another on-a-rise vacation spot!


Anonymous said...

Awww..a second honeymooon. You both really deserve that and what a better way to spend it at 5 star resort and a spa treatment!!! Nha Trang is beautiful - that's Hai's hometown. I would love to go there one day, but Hai doesn't really want to go back..maybe in the future he will change his mind.


Embrace Photo said...

Thanks g. Nha Trang is beautiful, it was my second time and TT's first time. If Hai doesn't have much relatives in VN, you both could just go for vacation. Especially when you go visit your dad after he settles there in the Philippines. You should fly over :D

Anonymous said...

Ok ok, stop teasing us with these beautiful pictures! That first one of you could be an ad for a serenity day spa...or something advertising peace & tranquility :) I'm adding Nha Trang to the list of places I must see before I die...

Embrace Photo said...

maria Thanks girl.. I think this pic could be an ad for the look 'before' you join Bally's! I need to start exercising !

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