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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The many places you can go in one morning...

What do people on vacation do: eat, travel, party and sleep. So, one day, by 8am we were out of the house. This time with a large group of friends, we headed for breakfast, to this famous place for some authentic and delicious food...Banh Beo

Untouched pictures from my small Sony cybershot...this is authentic Banh Beo

Then we were Cafe hopping.

If you're ever in Binh Duong province, you have to stop by this Cafe called Hoang Cung Quan, Palace Cafe. It's deja-vu seating in here, if you've ever seen those many Hong Kong movies. The landscape and architecture was unbelievable. Imagine sitting here with friends anytime in the day for tea or coffee and surrounded by this atmosphere. It's amazing:

The entrance:

The landscape that resembles the Eastern Palaces:

If you have ever seen and recall those Hong Kong movies, this is that kind of drink. This stuff is really hard to drink, it has the smell and taste similar to Chinese herbal medicines. Some hard core stuff!

How do you enjoy this tea, here are two ways our beloved b-i-l was caught in:

Here comes the beautiful thing......be prepared....

The signature tea, we were shocked when they brought this one, unbelievably breathtaking both the look and taste:

If you're not careful, this was how HOT the tea was:

I wanted to purchase those pretty signature tea but unfortunately the manager who said we could purchase the other day, wasn't there that day so the servers didn't know whether we can buy them or not. Guess it was an unusual thing to do so they weren't familiar with that.

So after we were done with one cafe, we headed on out to the next!!! We had lots of time on our hands...woohoo.. So, just 5 minutes away from this place, there was another Cafe called Wind and Water. In a second you'll see why...

This is the refreshing towelettes that can be found at almost all restaurants:

The Cafe is called Wind and Water because you can have your cafe and be seated on the water, using these round glass frames. We didn't try it because we had a too many people with us...
I love the many outdoors cafe available...

The crew from the States- all of us came to Viet Nam at different time. But we all hung together, recognize the faces?

Is someone checking me outzz? hah!

So yes, that was a blast!! We came home only to prepare for babyboy's birthday party.

So to be continued...


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