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Monday, March 3, 2008

MIA, part I

What a blast. It's nice for not having to cook or do the dishes or any household chores for a month! Yes, sorry folks, I have been MIA - missing in action!! I have been on the other side of the globe, visiting my in-laws for the first time and first time for our kids to visit TT's side. It's been ridiculously very nice to take a break, from everything! But of course not a break from mother/wifey role. I actually enjoyed cleaning my kitchen this past weekend after we got back from our vacation. Doesn't that sound aweful? I still can't forget the feeling of walking into our home after we got back, it felt brand new, like WOW. I had to pause for a second and look around and breathe the nicely scented air and to actually recognize everything!

Oh, and another thing that was funny, I was very exhausted after my arrival back to the US, after unpacking and while napping, a friend of mine called my cell phone and I had no idea what to say, I didn't understand what she was asking when she asked when did I get back.. because I was still deep asleep. She finally told me to go back to sleep..and I fell right back to sleep!! I was very thankful that my parents offered to look after the kids for us that day we got back. So we could be well rested before coming back to the grind! It was truly very tiring. Due to jet lag, dinner at 12am was delicious (:

The feeling of just a few days ago, I was still wearing light clothing to now some thick layers is ridiculous. How very strange when I think about it. You know something, I would definitely blame either the water here or the weather here for my crocodile skin. Because when I was on vacation, I did not need to even use FACE or hand lotion AT ALL!

Oh how much I miss this already, memoriessss:

MIA to be continued...stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey G..Welcome back. I miseed you!!!!! Good to hear that you guys had a great time! And OMG...did you really enjoy cleaning your kitchen? Thats funny...I guess from here on, you need to take a mini vacation maybe twice a month! How about it?


Embrace Photo said...

Thanks g., you know what, that's really true. We really do need a break once in a short while. But before then, we need to save up for our next trip! So when is our next girl night out? I missed you gals!!!!

Anonymous said...

look at that cute little butt!! i love the ripply shadows on the sand :)

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