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Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St.Patty's Day everyone...

So, to get my Monday morning started...our BabyDoll:

Some memories about the barbie she's holding onto: Whenever our babygirlT has her hair tied up during the day, at night we would take it off for her before bedtime and we would tell her that it's bedtime, let's take off the ties. So, in Viet Nam, she was holding onto this barbie which had braids. At night before bedtime, I saw her being silent and occupied so I looked over to see what she was up to, she was UNBRAIDing the barbie! I questioned why did she do that, and she said, it's bedtime, barbie needs to have her braids taken off! I was laughing hysterically. That's our Babydoll.

By the way, I'm looking for a few good spots with some architectural designs to take some nice classy wedding photos, if anyone in the MD/DC/VA knows of any, please please send me some ideas!! If you visit any place that's cool, keep it in mind for me too!! I know there has got to be good spots in DC, afterall, it's DC!! Does anyone know whether the museums in DC allowed photography?? How about Baltimore?

Hope to hear some of your favorite spots!!! Thanks in advance!


Unknown said...

aww.... ur daughter is soo cute! =) ehhehe

Embrace Photo said...

Kathy hey Kat, thanks!! Can't get enough of that barbie!

Anonymous said...

adorable!! she's getting so big! she's gonna break hearts when she's older :)

Embrace Photo said...

maria I am not waiting for that day to come girl! eheh!

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