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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Ao Dai, 1st style

I have learned that Visiting Vietnam during Tet New Year can have its positives and negatives. Positives can be the festivals, the lion dances, the temples filled with visitors etc. But since I love fashion, and being a girl that I am, I love customizing my outfits and traditional dresses called Ao Dai, so it wasn't such good timing for me. The reason is due to the tailor's practice of closing their shops and stopped providing services for a good one to two weeks to celebrate Tet, so I wasn't in for a treat! It's cultural that everybody prepares to celebrate Tet by wearing new outfits, the concept of tossing away the old, and bringing on the new. So, even before Tet, I wasn't able to compete with the lines to get anything made since there were tons of people ahead of me. So I had to wait until they re-opened their business to get some dresses made. So, after I had gone shopping for the fabrics, I sat down and drew out designs, and did my homework. In Binh Duong, there is a very famous tailor so my sister-in-law/TT's sister, took me to her. I presented the 7 fabric pieces and 7 designs I had in mind and asked her to have them done asap. The designs I presented were not ordinary designs for Ao Dai, so she was in for a surprise! I definitely modernized the ao dai into my taste and personality! She was able to make 3 ready for me before I left Vietnam, and the rest would be done in time for my other relatives to bring over for me, which was one week after.

Those that know me, I've been forever in love with wearing ao dai, so I will share with you a few of what I'm proud to say "my-style-of-fashion", but here is the first one, my personal favorite. It really calls out my name!! And that's what I LOVE about it!

I'll have more Ao dai coming up...I'm in the process of making my own jewelry to go with the others so, yayy!!

Until then, I want to share with you these. While I was busy taking my early evening nap, yes, early evening nap- meaning from 4ish to like 9pm :P When I came up to the computer, I found these: I couldn't believe my eyes, adorable bbgirl, She didn't need me there to know what to do in front of the camera...she really does know how to do it herself! Check out the different umbrellas in these frames.

can't get enough...

Love Love Love!

Now, if you weren't able to see this...
Check out me and my twin:

See any similarity? wahhahha...LOVE! Check us back later for more pics...

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