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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pre-wedding K&N

Pre-wedding sessions are photo sessions taken prior to the wedding, similar to the idea of engagement-session, the only difference is, the couple get to 'choose' to wear her wedding gown and he gets to wear his tux! This is 'the norm' for Vietnamese wedding couples especially since they ultimately will choose from the session a few pictures to enlarge and for keep. Plus, I'm sure the bride wants to make the most use out of her white gown since on the day of the wedding, she gets to wear a Vietnamese traditional dress Ao Dai as well. So there you have it, a little background of what pre-wedding sessions are.

So, back to K&N. I'm at the beginning of editing the pre-wedding session we had with Timmy and Nhi over the weekend, and wow, must I tell you, if you find me giggling through the pictures while editing, you must know I had a blast. When booking them, we know that we're in for big time shooting. The Bride- Nhi had warned us that as long as we have the energy to be behind the lens, she's got the strength to be in front of them! And that was proven on the day when we went to shoot in DC! They had chosen the landmark where they fell in love, the capital of the US! So, off we went! We got there around 11am and after 3 hours of shooting, the bride didn't seem to look tired at all!! They were just 'warming' up!! So, guess what, we roamed the streets of DC the whole DAY!! While it was cloudy, windy, felt like it would pour any second, but we took the most out of what mother nature had to offer. It really did go by fast because when we're done with the session and in the car to grab something for dinner, we asked each other what time it was and couldn't believe it was 5:30pm! This was around the time the rain shower started, so we got lucked out!

I had fun being behind the lens too and will share what I had captured!
Of course, I always have a lot to talk about, but enough said, I wanted to share with you SOME of what I had picked out from our session.

Changing into something more comfy:

Check out this awesome energy:

And last but def. not least, my captures:

'R you kidding me, To be cont...
I'm still working on more pictures, so expect something in the next few days!!

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Anonymous said...

These are FABULOUS! Love how you guys used the architecture as part of the composition..great textures and lines. I'm sure they are going to be very happy with these :)

Anonymous said...

Loving the pics G..espicially the first one :)

Embrace Photo said...

Thanks girl! We got massive pictures to go through, so, wah!!

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